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mseden 07-11-2013 10:59 AM

'04 transmission replacement
My wife got her '04 Liberty in Jan '05 with 31 miles on it. We had a new stereo and a sunroof put in at the dealer. It has had dealership maint on schedule until the dealership closed and we passed warranty. It still has had the scheduled maint done And we have replaced needed parts, struts, radiator, battery, etc. it now has about 140,000 miles and up until yesterday was running fine. Going up a mountain in NC, and lost OD. Then when it downshifted, to second it wouldn't come out. Limped to a garage (The tranny actually has a limp home mode) and found out that not only had the AC compressor locked up causing a pull on the motor, but the shift sensor and throttle body in the tranny needed to be replaced. Re-learning didn't work as the problem comes back after each re-set. The actual code it threw to the Snap-on Vector(?) computer was 1776. Since we plan on Keeping 'Jenny' I opted to forgo the Band-Aid fix of valve-body/Trans service replace and get a 3yr 100,000 mile updated (71 fixes) Jesup transmission put in. The mechanic guarantees his work but won't come to Georgia is something goes wrong and Jesup will pretty much write a check to replace it. I have searched the forums and found a few references, but thought that by adding this post, we could add to the greater information base.

The time now is 09:10 PM.

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