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NE Ohio

Jeep Information


Model:Willy's Overland Jeepster

Engine:original 4 cyl

Transmission:3 speed on the column

Transfer Case:unknown

Front Axle:n/a

Rear Axle:unknown

Axle Gear Ratio:unknown





Recovery Gear:unknown


Future Modifications:unknown

My grandpa's 48 willy's jeepster, defiantely a very cool ride.


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View jero's Jeep
02-03-2012, 09:54 PM
Its great to see someone with a 48 out there. I don't own one but I spent many years with an old man in the 80's tending to his 48 & 50 Jeepsters. That fat old f*ck (he was 70 back then) would lay down on the concrete and wiggle underneath with me to point & plan what our next task was. When we were working on those old Willys's, he was as young as me (I was in my 20's,) never a gripe or b*tch. He was actually kind to people when we were turning those wrenches. I really connected with him onaconna (as Baretta would say) those Jeepsters. They gave us something in common, a point of mutual respect. He was convinced there was something wrong with the overdrives, so we completely disassembled each of them. I couldn't find anything wrong and they reassembled like a dream with only a few replacement seals and such. He loved pulling out that knob (to engage the unit.) He would always look over at me whenever he did it.

Registered User
View Rubigirl's Jeep
10-11-2013, 11:25 PM
My grandfather was a Willys dealer and so my mother had one of these for her first car... and she loved it! She talked about that car with a smile on her face up until the day she died.

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