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Orange you glad It's a Jeep Thing!

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Grand Junction, CO

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Transfer Case:Umm??



Wheels:Jeep Star Alloy 17's

Accessories:Roof Racks with Thule cargo carrier

Future Modifications:None, it's the wifes! : D

Sweet little Jeep with good gas mileage. It's the wife's grocery runner, soccer mom all purpose vehicle.

Had an accident in early 2009. A "fresh out of driver's school young girl" was texting on her phone and failed to stop at a T intersection. She side swiped my wife...threw the Jeep to the other side of the road she hit so hard! My wife, although shaken, said she never felt like she was out of control, even though the front end was all buggered up. 2 months later we get it back! And 2 weeks later some JackA$$ with a giant truck opens his door to allow our Jeep to stop it for him. Insurance covered it, but good grief that body shop called our Jeep accident prone...then pets it and says "and we like that don't we!"


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View AntDragon's Jeep
08-01-2010, 11:20 PM
Yes, I'm gald it's a Jeep thing. And my Jeep is random dent and ding prone. Nieghborhood kids and thier parents playing 'ball next to vehicles, shoppng carts stranded by lazy $#!tz, and half asleep truck drivers suddenly stopping in the middle of a green-lit intersection

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View Eggdashure's Jeep
08-04-2010, 02:22 AM
Oh man, the shopping cart thing drives me nutz! They don't put the corrals out there just to take up parking spots! I watched a lady just the other day park a cart in front of our Jeep...thankfully the strong wind was blowing away from our vehicle. But, the cart started gathering speed heading towards a newer vehicle. I ran out and grabbed it as she swerves to miss me running after it. Sum peepl's childrin!

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