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Detroit Michigan

Jeep Information



Engine:6 cyl


Transfer Case:Got one

Front Axle:Stock

Rear Axle:Stock

Axle Gear Ratio:Stock




Armor:3 cell Mag Lite; .380 Mustang II

Recovery Gear:Cell phone; entrenching tool

Accessories:CB radio

Future Modifications:Need better CB antenna, more aggressive tire pattern.

Having sold/traded the YJ, Cherokee, and TJ the latest Jeep in the drive is a Commander. A 7 seat (rear seats are currently stored in the garage, allowing more storage room), 6 cylinder model, this Jeep is for urban travel rather than off roading. It has the lowest rated 4wd drive system, being engaged in 4wd at all times, with no low range.

The 6 cylinder offers 17.3 mpg (a mixture of city streets/urban freeways) on regular gas. Braking is surprisingly good, especially in the wet with the stock tires. However in deep snow (over 6" or so) the tires sometimes have trouble on launching from a stop; a more aggressive tread pattern will eventually replace the stock tires.

After nearly 3 years and 30,000 miles I've no complaints on the machine, it delivers what Chrysler promised. Certainly a raised Commander with larger tires and a Hemi engine would be more fun, but for the intended purpose of this Jeep (highway/urban trafficking with minimal concerns about weather or road conditions) it fills the bill.

The Commander has had two factory recalls - the key fob was replaced because some customers complained that the internal key release was too easy and fobs were being lost, and an upgrade to the firmware of the side airbags. Other than scheduled maintenance the Jeep has had only one visit to the dealer; the brake light switch had an intermittent issue with sticking in the "on" position. This causes the "Check Engine" light to display, so the driver is not left unaware that there is an issue. Also the cruise control refuses to engage when the brake light switch fails in the "on" position, and the ABS light displays on the dashboard. Repairs were handled under warranty and took about an hour to complete.

One note, the 6 cylinder engine requires new spark plugs at 30,000 mile intervals which is a bit short of what most engines require these days.

I've been quite satisfied with the 2008 Commander.


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