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Model:Liberty Sport

Engine:2.8 CRD

Transmission:5 speed automatic

Transfer Case:Selec-Trac


Tires:BFG Mud Terrain KM2

Wheels:factory aluminum


Recovery Gear:N/A


Future Modifications:ARB Bull bar, OME 1.5 lift springs(med front, std rear) Bilstein shocks

This is new tire day. The guys at Discount Tire are awesome this is a pic to try to see how a 1.5 in lift will look with the BFG KM2's. Now I have spent about 3 weeks trying to figure out this CRD thing. Been reading lots but...


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07-07-2010, 04:36 PM
CRD still learning but WT___?
This is the first time I have tried this so I hope it is working. I recently bought this Liberty and was excited to have a Diesel in the family. It is the first one (diesel) I have owned. Had about 47,000 miles when i bought it and looks to be in great shape over-all. I am now wrestling with a CEL that came on after I cleaned the MAF sensor and the Temp/Press sensor. I also ran some seafoam through it. Light has been on ever since. I have rechecked all connections and even cleaned the sensors again (used CRC MAF sensor cleaner by the way). I have been reading several past threads about others strife with their CRD engines. Wow...who was the moron who thought an EGR was a good idea on this engine. I am in the process of taking mine off nowto check it out. After taking the EGR air control valve I am shocked...there is about 1/8th inch of black gummy koke in the inside of the duct and I can feel it inside the intake manifold as well. same thickness there. So my question is this. Is this the normal amount of deposit for a diesel engine with only 47,000 miles? And how do I get it out, short of removing the intake manifold and soaking it? As a side note wow what an achilles heel for what should be a long trouble-free engine.

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