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I have a 2004 jeep liberty that has 61K miles on it. Recently the oil light came on so I pulled over and check the oil which register full. I got back into my car and drove off the light bothered me and got me to thinking that maybe the oil filter was clogged or something so I pulled into the next station that advertised quick oil change which turned out to be an express station and asked them to do an oil change. It was about time that I got one because the last one was done 6 months previously. I purchased this car new, is has never been dogged, oil has been changed regularly (I did this myself). anyway the oil change was performed and the light still was on. the person that changed the oil told me that it was probably a wiring or fuse, I said ok and drove off I got about 2 miles down the road and noticed the car was losing power and then it started clicking. I immediately stopped the car and called a wrecker to take it to the Jeep dealer. The Jeep dealer took the oil pan off and told me that the oil pan was full of sludge and that the oil pump was probably the same way. He told me that I needed a new engine because mine was all sludge up. I asked what he would charge for a replacement engine and he said $5K which is a little rich for my blood. I read earlier in this forum that other people had the same problem and I am wondering what they did to fix their problem. I called a wholesale engine warehouse and explained to them my situation and he said that it is a known problem with the liberty 3.7 engines that he has several advisory announcement on this motor. Other than buy a new engine is there anything else that can be done to get my car back on the road?


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