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My 2005 Liberty is the very first car I ever picked out myself AND our very first JEEP!

I love everything about it!

Several years ago our son needed a vehicle that could haul his carpenter gear better than his Mazda3. The Liberty fit the bill perfectly for that! I inherited his very cute and sporty Mazda3, and he got the use of our Liberty!

The Mazda3 began having some major issues, so our son gave it in trade so we could get our new 2014 Grand Cherokee Larado a couple days ago. It was a bittersweet day. I was thrilled to get our pretty red Grand Cherokee but was sad that the Mazda3 (HIS very first car and one he bought with HIS OWN MONEY) was being traded away.

We are now the owners of TWO JEEPS!

The Liberty will ALWAYS hold a soft spot in my heart, and I am thrilled that it works so well for our son in his work. He tells us nearly every day of stuff he was able to fit in it that Home Depot guys are surprised DO actually fit .

New tires on the Liberty allowed our son to actually blaze trails in a blizzard so that four other vehicles including a HEARSE could make it out of a cemetery!

Just LOVE this Jeep!


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