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Armidale/ Tamworth Region

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Model:Liberty (Cherokee) KK



Recovery Gear:I wish

Accessories:Almost none available in Oz

Future Modifications:As become available and affordable

I just traded a 4wd Mitsubishi Triton Dual Cab on this.
This is the first Jeep I've ever owned and I have had 4WDs of all flavours since the early 70s.
I can't say I am disappointed with the car. I like it.
It has some quirks. The drivers position is ,well, awkward. To try and keep a steady foot on the throttle (gas to you) pedal is difficult over bumpy terrain. The seat is just too high. My wife has to adjust the seat so far forward to even reach the pedal, it is not funny. She is not especially short either. (about 5'6")
I am disappointed with the lack of aftermarket stuff available to us here in Oz.
To me a 4wd without the possibility to mount a winch is to leave home without (insert your own neccessity here).
Anyway, maybe this will change in the future.


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