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2004 jeep liberty multiple error code

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My poor liberty has had a rough year. The very first problem started with the check engine light. I assumed that since I had the car for so long and never had a tune up that it was time. I went to an auto parts store and picked up some spark plugs and ignition coils! One day later after the parts were replace the car started to stall and make a putt sound. I took it to a different mechanic and they informed me that jeep only takes mopar parts. Ok do I exchange the parts and now I have a error code for a o2 sensor bank 1 sensor 2, multiple misfire, cam sensor. I replace the sensors and cam sensor and the car works fine for a week! The check engine light would flash continuously while I drive so I knew the problem was getting worse. The codes for everything that I had replace came back and the car was running horribly. The car eventually started to cut off and wouldn't start for like an hour. The engine light still blinks and when the car is running while in park the fans do not come on to blow the engine. Now the car doesn't start at all it just clicks.. Some help please I have been to several mechanics and the dealer is my next stop but I would like to avoid the outrageous fees


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