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Hello All,

Happy to be back in a Jeep again and this time it is a diesel! Started in a ZJ which I would still be driving if the cutlass supreme I was towing on a dolly didn't try and pass me and total my beloved Jeep. Next was a WJ with a 4.7L which I sadly abandoned when gas prices got to $4/gallon

I made a few bad choices in between but I am back in a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK) with the 3.0L CRD.

So far I have had the "joy" of replacing the starter which involved almost puking when I thought I stripped the Aluminum block while re-installing the motor mount.

Then I got the priveledge of using almost $40 worth of sawzall blades to remove the famous clevice bolt and lower control arm front bolt. I even got to do some late night engineering when I broke the flag off of the LCA M16 nut.

The silver cloud in all of it is that I now have a Jeep that starts and sits on a 2" medium OME lift.

At the moment I am trying to figure out why the front struts won't compress... I'll make a different post for that.


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