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My Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 3.7 which I bought in October 2007 has been showing problems for over a year now. Let me explain:

Let me start by saying, I am not one of those happy customers:
1) Because of the attitude of the dealer who only wanted to rip me off on ever occasion. Changed to a new dealer 150 km away since 2011
2) History of problems
3) Even after reporting to Jeep about the dealer attitude, Jeep never even responded.

My car has been showing the "check engine" warning light once every few 100 or thousand kilometers. Dealer has not been able to give me a fix, nor been able to tell me what the problem is.

When I drive in traffic and idle, the car starts to vibrate / jump and seems its going to run away and then suddenly the warning light comes on. I always have my AC on, due to the weather (I am from Dubai).

This never happens on straight road or highway without any traffic.

Two weeks back the dealer asked me to replace both relay fuses (HVAC and Engine). Replaced with a 5 pin fuse even though the one present was 4 pin but the dealer said its fine to replace with a 5 pin. The problem still persists.

Yesterday I noticed a warning "Transmission Over temp" as soon as i insert my key and turn on (before ignition). It stays for a fraction of a second that I had to turn on and off my key almost 10 times to read the warning. Never seen this error while driving. The temperature sensor always slays below half.

I have lost hope with the dealer as I have spend weeks and a lot of money with the dealer with no result. Atleast the second dealer is far better than the first.

Any help is appreciated.




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