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2008 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4X4 no acceleration, 70,000 miles:
It went to 45 MPH on the freeway and could not accelerate above that but the RPMs went up. I pulled over and shut car off and then turned it on and the problem went away. Latest problem is I stopped for gas and when I turned the jeep on and put it in drive, the car did not move but the RPMs went up. I turned it off and on and the problem went away. Before this happened, I had a check engine light come on and replaced the gas cap and it went away...This may sound insane but I replaced the cap 4 times. Has anyone encountered this problem before? I am going to go to Pep Boys to have them scan the codes hopefully today or tomorrow. I will post the codes once I have them, I am hoping for some insight in the mean time if you had similar experiences. Thanks!!



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10-27-2013, 03:57 PM
I have the exact same wk and have had similar problems. I've been throwing codes for downstream o2 sensor and lean bank, which is making it get terrible gas mileage.. From my understanding it is the downstream o2 sensor that is bad and is a common problem. I bought mine recently and it is under warranty. I'll take it in soon and let you know what they say. Also I've been running mine with this problem for about a month with no adverse affect as far as I can tell. I also had a airbag light come on but my scanner doesn't do body codes. It makes me think vacuum, but I think it's related to the o2 sensor. I'll keep you posted.

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