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Mesa, AZ

Jeep Information


Model:Grand Charokee Limited 4x4

Engine:5.7 HEMI





Armor:Front suspension, transfer, gas tank, 4xguard side guards

Accessories:REC Navi, DVD

Future Modifications:4xguard front, exhaust armor and rear armor

I bought her about 04/10. She's an 07 with 13k on her. Fully loaded, I can't think of anything that she is lacking from the factory. She's got quirks about her, but from what I've read, all WK's do. I'll tell you what though, unless she gives me major problems, the little quirks are far outweighed by all the great things. My wife has a fully loaded Nissan Pathfinder and is always thinking of excuses to take my GC.


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View mlhcj7777's Jeep
09-25-2010, 09:28 AM
hey lokkin for some input on exhuast i have the 5.7 limited. thers not much room to work under there. did you buy a kit or make you own. thank


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View lagonwagon's Jeep
09-25-2010, 05:39 PM
I actually never did put an exhaust on it. I'm nervous about getting drone in the cab. I guess that Gibson has a good system for the WK. For now I'm enjoying the silence. I do have a K&N CAI on it. That sounds really nice, but only when you get on it. Under normal conditions you don't hear anything.

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