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Engine:AMC 4.0 242ci I6

Front Axle:Rezeppa - fixed yoke.....junk

Suspension:Stock for now...

Tires:245/70r16 Goodyear Wrangler SR-A


Armor:Just birthday suit...

Accessories:A Grenade cigarette lighter...

Yea, she is plain...but since ive gotten it I had to put the money where it was needed. New ceramic brake pads all the way around + 4 rotors + 1 rear caliper. The right rear tire was stuck on with 2 rounded lug nuts, drilled them out and put new studs in. 6 Bosch IR spark plugs and a new shiny coil. K&N air filter. A big can of AC recharger. A transmission fluid and filter change...which gained me some mud in the eye which bothered me for almost a week (see picture lol)...and dont forget about my new wiper blades =p


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