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Wj blend doors fix, cheap easy!

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Hello jeep forum! I fixed my blend doors super cheap and easy it only took an hour or so (being my first time doing this) and being only 18 it wasn't too hard.
It's winter here in utah and it's not getting warm anytime soon!! My passenger heat did not work it was stuck on cold. After some research and YouTube vids later ill show you how I fixed it.
*** please don't tell me it's unprofessional it does it's job and I didn't have to pay a dealer 1200$ to fix it or 2-4 days taking your dash out***
DISCONNECT YOUR BATTERY BEFORE ANYTHING. you can connect it later to test things.

Attachment 506748

You will take out your glove box (look up how to do so, I don't wanna explain)
And I already cut that section out. Behind there is the doors and heater core. Cut this section out!
I used a box cutter and a blow torch to heat up the knife and cut thru it, it takes awhile by the way.

Attachment 506749

That's what it looks like with the piece cut out. **save it!!! You need it for later!!***

Attachment 506750

The first blend door you see is the drivers side! Mine works.. But the passenger doesn't which is the far one... ** I pushed the far door up.

Attachment 506751

How did I fix it? Haha well I used some air duct tape and taped the door in the up position for HEAT. I won't need cool air anytime soon here in the winter season of UTAH. And I wedged coat hanger wire in there. IT'S NOT GOING ANYWHERE EVEN IF I GO DIGGIN!

Attachment 506752

AFTER MAKING SURE EVERYTHING WORKS! Like the heat. Put the piece back in like so. (Yes I used the same pict) I thought of jeep forum after I started the project)

Attachment 506753

Make sure to pull the wires for the motor back down. And seal the holes with that airduct tape!

Attachment 506754

Test and make sure they're no leaks! Than put the motor back on and but the screws back in,

Put your glove box back in. Start your wj let it warm up. Drive around and now there's heat to the passenger side!

Thanks for reading hoping it helped if you had this problem! No negative fees back here please.


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