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Model:Grand Cherokee Laredo

Engine:4.0L 6 Cyl.


Transfer Case:Stock

Front Axle:Stock

Rear Axle:Stock

Axle Gear Ratio:Stock





Recovery Gear:Stock


Future Modifications:None


Since we received the Jeep back in '09, it has shook. Now that I am married, and the jeep is ours, I have wanted to get it fixed. So lets get started...

First off...The shaking is not constant. Sometimes, when the jeep is started it will run fine; other times the jeep will shake from the moment you start it til the moment you turn it off. You can let it set, off, for 10 minutes, then turn it back on and then it may or not run perfect the rest of the day. Whether it is cold or scorching hot outside, it doesnt matter. It will run good or bad...it is unpredictable.

I have tried multiple injector cleaners and other things, but nothing will clear up the shaking. I have had an OBD code come up as: Circuit Malfunction.

We have been dealing.....correction...my wife is the one who has been dealing with this problem the most.. We just want to find out what this problem is. It is impossible to take the jeep, that is suppose to be considered our trip and vacation car on any trips, with the worry of it breaking down.

Any thoughts, ideas, or solutions would be greatly appreciated.


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