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Great Falls

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Model:Grand Cherokee Ltd

Engine:4.7L V-8

Bought this Jeep in May from a dealer and was assured it had been certified and checked throughout. In July the engine suddenly started missing and would not stay running without maintaining a minimum of 2000 rpm's while in park or operating both gas and brake pedals while driving. Engine really smooths out when driving but when stopped unless accelerator is depressed the engine will miss and die instantly. #2 cylinder has lost compression and has 100% leakdown. Valve cover removed and #2 cylinder rocker is loose and comes away freely. Valve is stuck open.

No money to replace engine or pay another shop to play the guessing game with my bank account...

I want to take the head off myself and try to have the head machined but it seems like quite the event. Any helpful suggestions would be great!!!

Since we just bought the stupid thing and it is financed we really cannot entertain the idea of scrapping the vehicle...


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