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Named "Annette" in Memorium of a dear Friend

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Jeep Information


Model:Grand Cherokee Laredo

Engine:|6 4.0


Transfer Case:4x4WD


Wheels:Changed to the Golld Alloy Jeep Cherokee Limited Wheels

Future Modifications:Just fixing her up right now

I just purchashed her a couple weeks ago for 300.00 I Was told she needed a new catalytic converter because she had no power on the highway. When I went to get her ouot of the bushes where she had been setting for a year the front fashica bumper came off, there was a small tree under it I did not see. I was able to get her started but it was hard, I had to put new gas in her, new battery. I put the Gold Duralast 1000CCA with 105 reserve, in her and then I washed her twice lol and went to work trying to clean her up on the inside that was a job in it's self, but she is a lot cleaner, I also changed all the wiper blades, I halfway re glued the headliner back up, and today I changed her plugs and wires, air filter did an oil change, added tuneup in a bottle and marvels mystery oil to the gas and oil change, and I had a hard time removing the upper radiator hose but I got that replaced, found the hidden fuse box (great name for it) LOL, Went to flush the cooling system and I heard a POP and all of a sudden lots of water started pouing out the right side near the lower hose, and darn it I can't get to the lower radiator hose so I have to get someone else to do that for me, the old plugs were soo badly crusted up and the gap was wider than a penny so it's no wonder she had no power on the highway! I Replaced teh headlight shells and the side and turnsignal shells, she has a few other minor problems I need to fix, like the overhead console lights and the liftgate light stays on so I removed that fuse, the original key and fob was stolen so the ignition switch was replaced had to get a key made by VIN code to make a key for the doors so I can lock them and unlock the liftgate But that still won't open yet, went tothe junk yard got a bunch of parts she needed, and found the cargo cover for $9.00! and picked up a brand new spair and holder for her, also picked up an original JEEP wheel for her for 28.00, the headrests and ash tray was missing so I was able to get those for 9.00, Beat that ebay! I did find the original radio but it didn't work darn it. She is a work in progress but I think I did pretty good so far only spent about 600.00 for everything including the cost of the Jeep. the pic is the first pic of her in the bushes and poision ivy, needless to say she was badly neglicted oh she does have a LOT of miles on her (262650)

Well since this last postingI have done a LOT of work on "Anne" i've cleaned her up a LOT, here isa list of NEW parts i've put on her
Plugs and wires
air and oil filters
Semi new tires all way around
New Rims
radiator hoses upper and lower
Heater hoses
new brakes
water neck
new spair tire
new jack
headlight, parking and turn signal shells
battery hold down
air filter
overhead console
cargo net, cover
new wipers
hew rear hatch gate handel
new keys
new key fob
all fuses and circut breakers replaces and fixed
Fixed the AC system

This Jeep or Annette, is not passed state inspection AND MY inspection, and she runs like a top starts right upand even steeres nice and smooth for have been sitting for so longI revived life back in a truck so long neglicted, She looks soo nice now


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07-30-2011, 03:34 AM
Replacement parts
Well I had searched eBay for some of the parts my Jeep was missing, and had no luck except for new smokgray turn signal shells both sides and new headlight shells so the front has all new headlights and turn signals for around $80.00, tried to win a bid for a pair of tan leather cracked and split Back seat headrests the guy wanted too much for them. He wanted $20.00 for them, I got like new matching headreasts and replacement front ashtray for about $9.00 I also found the cargo area roll up cover for $9.00, and a brand new spair tire for $10.00, and I also got a real Jeep alloy wheel and good tire for $28.00 found a replacement Infinaty Gold CD stereo for $30.00 but that was dead, taking that back next week, going to look for more Jeep wheels, and get the liftgate door handle and inside panel, I got the door keys made still can't open the lift gate door, so I'm going to unbolt the door lock staple and see if that lets me open the door, if it does I'm going to fix the handle and locking mech. and with the othe door panel I'm going to make a trap door so I can gain access lock if it happens again.

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08-03-2011, 03:26 AM
Love my nearest Junk yard!
well today I went to my local junkyard I was able to find a replacement liftgate door handel, replacement overhead console, replacement liftgate door panelI also picked up 2 good tires with the original Jeep alloy wheels got a replacement rearview mirror but this is the electronic mirror hoping the hookup for it is on the wiring harness up in the console wiring, the original infinaty radio I got was dead, went back picked up another radio and guess what! you guessed it DEAD grrrrr LOL back to the junk yard again! wish there was a way to test them out BEFORE leaving the yard!
the back door panel was 6.76
rear view mirror 4.24
overhead full console 12.24
2 tires and Jeep wheels 78.00
and a sissor jack 8.00
They didn't charge me for the jack handel, liftgate handle
The only thing I couldn't find was the single bolt for the battery hold down.
also got her titled and registerd today
All and All a good day my Jeep is coming closer to being complete!
i've looked on ebay for some of these parts and man they are expensive! compaired to my local junk yard!
for example the back liftgate door handle on ebay was 25.00 at the junk yard they didn't charge me for it
the upper console if you can find it was around 50.00 to over 80.00
the junk yard 12.24!

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View N3KRV's Jeep
08-05-2011, 12:35 AM
Got a upgrade for her!
Well I finally got the liftgate door fixed! new handle now I can open the doot!
also replaced the door panel and installed that this morning. Installed the Auto Dimming mirror and found the hidden wiring pigtail and got it all hooked up! the only thing I need to find now is the one single battery hold down bolt.
in the bumper parking light housing what is that danged bulb? Autozone told me that it is an 1157 but that don't fit it has a slightly different bayonet pins they are not staggerd up and low so the 1156 won't fit.

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View N3KRV's Jeep
09-03-2011, 08:24 PM
More work done to "Annette"
Well I replaced the Radiator, and OMG that was a pain in the arse, I got all the hoses all hooked up and this new radiator is slightly leaking! tried that bars stop leak worked for a while, but them I had the top radiator hose POP off I fixed that then the heatter hose split so I got some new hoses and replaced both heater hoses and clamps, I hate those damned spring clamps and the took to remove them OMG what a piece of JUNK! i've had to replace teh tool 3 times so far! jsut to get the spring clamps off! well all hoses that I know of in the cooling system have been changed, but today as I was running her to purge the air out the temp guage went up to 300 and POP! ANOTHER LEAKE dammit! oh I picked up a Reese Class 3 Hitch for 36.00 and I went to Lowes and got new bolts and washers and I installed that in 15 minutes (one guy wanted 200.00 just to install the hitch!) and I picked up 2 Cherokee limited gold and silver alloy wheels at the junk yard for 50.00 including good tires, I put one on just too tired to put the other side one on, I also found a Crystler am/fm/cd/cassett radio I installed. and I pulled the headliner down cleaned all the olf rotting foam off found some cheap vynal it's tan but I don't care LOL and I glued that up and after the hurricane I reinstalled the headliner
it looks really nice now. only if I can fig out what in the heck is up with the cooling system now. Oct. I just finally got the cooling system fixed found I had a cracked waterneck, replaced that and thermostat, so cooling system is all fixed now! BUT found I had a steering system problem, ended up replacing the power steering gearbox then the power steering resivore, it was still leaking, then I found out the high pressure hose was spirting fluid so I replaced that, now it has a new steering system on it, also took her to get inspected and she passed after replacing the front and rear brake pads and I and had the front end alignment done. A week later I went out to go to the store and she wouldn't start, I had to jump start her so I took her down to AutoZone to have the battery tested and found out the rectifier in the altantor went out so I have to replace the altantor, I got a good deal on a brand new 200 Amp Altnator for 125.00 plus 20.00 shipping, now I just have to insteall it, and replace the battery cable terminals THEN she should be compleatly done repaired and running like a top, I got several compliments on how the engine sounds and how she rides and runs. I'm pretty Proud of the work i've done to get her back into shape

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10-04-2011, 02:03 AM
I don't know of many people who would put that much work into an obviously abused vehicle. you must have A LOT of time on your hands . Keep up the good work then maybe one of these days you can take it wheeling and brake a bunch of stuff!! It always seems to happen that way...

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