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interior lights help?

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Model:Grand Cherokee

Armor:Westin Grill Guard

Accessories:8 130 watt lights, 7500 lbs winch, underglow

Future Modifications:LED off road lights

I need some help with my interior lights. They will not turn off. Can anyone help? I have more information but tried of repeating myself with no answer.

I'm pretty smart the master switch is "OFF". The past months i just took the fuse out but know its time to finally fix it. When the fuse is in and the master switch is turned "off" all 5 lights remain on. I read if they turn off in 20 mins it means its one of the door jam switch. Where is the door jam switch???? I know its inside the door but where exactly? After 20 mins without doing anything 4 of the 5 lights turn off, the only one that is off is the rear hatch light. Today i tried to just turn unplug each door and see if that works, first i un plug the back passenger side door, it turned 4 of the 5 lights off ( the hatch light remained on) i could push them on and off but could not turn them on with the master switch. Then after i unplugged the wires in the back (wire with green wrap on them) that turned the hatch light off and then i could not turn on or off any light in my cabin. I'm sick of this not working. Anyone have any clue on how to fix this problem?? If i could just unplug one of the door jam switches i and one of the door wont turn on my dome lights i don't care. And also checked all the black wires and the driver side door wire was broken, I added 3 inches of wire and fixed that problem, and i checked the other 3 doors and those black wires are good, the hatch looks good but i cant say its not perfect. I think its the hatch that is the problem because i can not turn the light off either by pressing it or using the master switch, i can only unplug it and then it will turn off.

Any suggestions?? any way to just by pass the door jam switch, without cutting any wires, to see what door jam switch is acting funny?????


(new here, is this where i can get help? just making sure, thanks)


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View lord-steezus's Jeep
10-19-2012, 06:14 PM
Try turning the lights off via the switch on the steering column?

Registered User
View Baxter_801's Jeep
11-13-2012, 02:54 AM
On the left hand side on the steering wheel. There is the switch to turn on your head lights. It's the one after that. It's hard to miss!! Ha

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