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Transmission:4 Speed

All I can say is this. Ive got to say my Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the finest vehicles Ive ever owned! I had a Dodge caravan, it is a awesome van it has 300.000 on it. pulled a trailer for five years with it. Then I retired it. And bought the Jeep. Wow, was I impressed. Now with the Jeep hooked on this 3,000 trailer. I have to keep looking behind me to see if the trailers still there.... Awesome! And I also go way up North. All logging roads. When I took my van down the 80 km road, it took me 2 hours. it was not good. Now with the Jeep, it takes 1 hour. But again the Jeeps made for that road. So all that said, i guess its Jeep forever... Cheers Bob


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