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Engine:4.0L I6


Transfer Case:unknown

Front Axle:unknown

Rear Axle:unknown

Axle Gear Ratio:unknown


I just bought my first jeep. only 60K great shape outside and in. Was overheated really bad than set for 2 years. It started up just fine and ran strong. I went through the engine to make sure there was no damage from the over heating. Rebuilt the head all to OEM specs. Put it all back together. Start it up and goes straight to red line and stays there. Let it run for a few seconds seeing if maybe just some fuel built up. It never dropped in RPM's. I got out to see if maybe the butterfly valve was stuck open. I was completly closed. Have never seen this happen before. I'm at a complete lose. I did the obvious and checked all vacume lines and electrical connections. I feel like it's going to be just some stupid fix that I'm just being an idiot right now and not thinking of. Has anyone ever seen this before or have any ideas? It would be greatly appreciated


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03-01-2013, 09:07 PM
RPM's where at red line when I start my jeep
I found the reason for the high RPM's The intake had a pretty big crack in it.

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