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Rancho Cucamonga

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Model:wj Grand Cherokee

Engine:4.0 inline 6

Vehicle has had engine rebuilt almost entirely at about 185k miles, sparkplugs replaced, air filter, oil filter, ignition coil, and valve lifters replaced, yet still reads the, what I've been told is famous, "cylinder 3 misfire code". She now sits just shy of 188k miles while throwing the code a measly 20 miles after the lifters were replaced a point at which everything seemed to be functional. The check engine light is on and there is a low rumble coming from the engine at idle and low speeds, which fades into miniscularity as the engine is revved. Any thoughts on how to fix this would be incredibly appreciated.

As well, I'm unsure of the distinction between a flashing check engine light and a solid one.


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01-15-2013, 03:52 AM
I just bought a grand cherokee and had this code with the flashing check engine light on. I put fuel injector cleaner in the gas tank (I was told it might just be clogged injectors) and it worked. I hope that this wasn't a precursor to what you're experiencing.

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