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SBeen having stalling problems since i got my 98 cherokee i changed the crankshaft sensor and it was doing fine for about a week and it went right back to acting up i had no check egine light until yesterday when it stalled in the middle of traffic on my way to work so i took it to autozone to see what it might be n they said the map sensor and the ignition coil#1. Then i took it to my mechanic because i really dont know to much about jeeps n he turned off the check engine light because he says sometimes it just comes on and if it comes back on then i would have to change those 2 things... Help


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04-16-2013, 06:22 AM
I have 2 small kids and work in nj and i dont know if it safe to drive my jeep if its gonna be stslling on me in the middle of traffic can someone please explain to me on what to do cause im new to this site and very fed up with this situation

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