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Model:Grand Cherokee Special Edition

Engine:4.7L V8

Transfer Case:NV247

Front Axle:D30

Rear Axle:D44a

Axle Gear Ratio:3.73

Suspension:4.5" Clayton Springs, RE super flex LCA's, KOR A-Arm spacer, Rancho RS5239's in front RS5010's in rear, Zone sway bar links

Tires:BFG A/T's 31x10.5R15's

Wheels:Unique Soft 8's 15x7

Armor:Gas Tank Skid, transfer case skid, ARB Bull Bar.

Recovery Gear:Hi-Lift, straps, SuperWinch LP8500

Accessories:Rear Receiver, Hella Driving lights, CB radio.

I just got a new to me 04 Jeep Grand Cherokee Special Edition V8. Not much to say about it right now as it is still stock. Waiting for my lift, then off to buy 5 rims and 1 tire (I have 4 BFG 31x10.5R15 AT's already). Not going to go crazy with this one....yet...I see 4-6" in a couple of years though and maybe some Overland axles if I can get my hands on them, I just love the way that 3.91:1 really gets that thing moving.

forgot to add the downside to this GC is that it is Lava Red Metallic Pearl Coat...mine looks purple (think egg plant)

This is what it looked like when I was buying it.

I tested the fit of a 31" BFG mounted on a ZJ rim in the spare well, IT FITS!, however you can't use the stock retainer but the lid closes. I have also tested this rim on the WJ just a quick eyeball...hub center to wheel center, it appears that these rims will fit with 1.25" spacers I had the wheel mount face butted to the wheel studs and I had room for the caliper so I went ahead with spacers. I have some being made as I have to change from 5x5 to 5x4.5 and need the 1.25" I will post back on fitment and pictures if they work. The wheels shown are from a ZJ 15x7 5x4.5 and 5" BS. the wheel studs measured to 1 1/8" on the WJ.

I installed my lift 2" Teraflex BB, only cost $40 from someone I know who has a WJ and this was his first lift then went to the 4" Teraflex. I will post pics when I get a chance.


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View lestatsghost's Jeep
04-11-2012, 10:39 PM
Lift and washer fluid mod
So here are some pictures of my jeep with the lift on and new wheels installed with 31" BFG's. I also am getting ready to install a ZJ washer fluid reservoir, I really don't want to rip the pumps off of the stock one when my tires come up.

Washer bottle sorry about my finger in the picture I had the sun behind me and couldn't see my phone screen to know my finger was in the way. I was trying to include the resonator to show the V8 and that these ZJ washer bottles will work. You are looking for one from 1996-1998. Also the ones with a level indicator are cheaper just make sure you have the fluid level indicator.

Excuse the long screw holding it in, I was checking it for diameter. the screw however is through one of the holes right at the fender lip pinch weld. The rear mount tab is under the cowl overhang where the hood strut comes down. I do not have any clearance problems putting it here. I did have to relocate the vacuum valve though just unscrewed it and wedge it between the air filter box and the washer fluid bottle.

To the right is the washer bottle to the left is the brake fluid reservoir, in the center is my brake lines I didn't have to rebend them but it is a tight squeeze, not much more room here

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View roughneck2012's Jeep
04-22-2012, 03:02 AM
Just curious, but did you mean you went from a 17 inch wheel to a 15 inch wheel with just a 1.25" spacer? If so wish I would have known that was possible if you did that. Reason being is that I bought a 2001 jeep grand cherokee limited and had a set of 32/11.50/15 and didn't think they would fit so I spent $500 on a new set of 17" wheels. If you could let me know I'd that's what you did? Thanks!!!!


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View lestatsghost's Jeep
06-17-2012, 10:47 PM
I was trying to use the ZJ wheels pictured in the spare wheel well and I had 1.25" adapters made with 5x5 on the hub side and 5x4.5 on the wheel side. The alloy wheels will not work unless you do not care about clearance between the wheel and brake caliper. I am however running 15" wheels currently. If those wheels were steel they would work they are thin enough to clear the calipers. you may need to take a grinder to the outside of the caliper (portion facing the wheel) but only a little needs to be ground off and only on the fronts. I got a set of Unique 15" "Soft 8's" they are the same as the Crager models because they are made by them just a different name on the box. Also to go to 32's you will need about 4" of lift to keep them from rubbing anything, they will rub when you flex but not while driving.


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View lestatsghost's Jeep
06-17-2012, 11:01 PM
Jeep update. Took the WJ for her first run, not what I was expecting especially when I went from an XJ with only 3" of lift on it. Lets just say the 4th Gen 4Runner pictured didn't hit or so he says, I however have a few nasty dents under the WJ.

I then ordered a factory transfer case skid plate and installed it. The instructions that come with it are poor, it is easier to just figure out on your own when you look at the parts.

after driving it around town the next couple of days my radiator cracked at the pinch seams so that had to be replaced. I was going to take it to a shop to have done but after hearing just the quote for labor of $300 and that is with me taking off the whole front end for the guy I decided to do it myself. It only took me 5 hours and it is listed as a 3 hour job. I have the hydraulic fan, I didn't take that out, or discharge my A/C I unhooked the PS lines on the other side as that is an easier replacement and cheaper than an A/C evac and refill. Just take your time and the old radiator will come out.

This is almost how I was going to deliver it to get replaced the only thing I am missing from this picture is the top panel that holds the hood latch and they still wanted $300. I called the stealership and they wanted almost $500, after I told them I took an hour of their time off by doing the front end disassembly. They also didn't want to use my radiator and wanted to use their $350 Mopar radiator.

This is how I positioned the A/C and PS cooler, the side up is the PS side so I wouldn't dump it all over the floor.

I put her back together and filled all of the fluids and all is fine until my 4.5" Clayton Springs arrived and the ARB Bull Bar.


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View lestatsghost's Jeep
06-19-2012, 05:20 PM
Here are some pictures with the new lift and ARB Bull Bar.


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View lestatsghost's Jeep
06-19-2012, 06:05 PM
I for got to add the specs and what I put on it.

Front and rear springs: Clayton Off Road 4.5"
Front and rear sway bar links: Zone Off Road
Front LCA's: Rubicon Express Super Flex 3175's
Front shocks: same as before RS5239's. They are a bit short but will work for now
Rear shocks: replaced the RS5194's with RS5010's. These come with bushing sleeves and work for the WJ with the help of 2 1/2" washers for a packer in the upper mount, the lower mount is a perfect fit. Extended are 26.3" collapsed they are 15.2".
Front Bumper: ARB Bull Bar - I had to modify my header panel as the winch I put in it is larger in dimension than a Warn. I had to chop off the lower lip as it was contacting the winch and not allowing me to get the bolt holes lined up on the frame supports.
Winch: Super Winch LP8500. This had to be clocked and modified to work with the ARB. The clocking of the clutch leaver is easy if you can figure it out. You unbolt the 2 Allen bolts that connect the clutch to the motor side posts then pull off the whole clutch assembly. There are then 10 3mm Allen cap head screws that must be taken out when you are looking into the clutch gear of the drum side. Now is where it gets tricky. Separating the two pieces. I it mine with a hammer and the plate popped off. Be warned there is a ton of grease in there and a gasket. My gasket split. I used rtv when putting it back together. You must turn the clutch 3 holes unlike the warns which are 2 holes to get the clutch leaver to sit in a good position. After reassembly I found that the leaver is too long and must be shortened. I did this with a cut off wheel on my angle grinder I took off about half of the knob and there is just enough room to clear the bumper when switching from engaged to free spool. On a $300 winch I didn't mind doing this. If it were a Warn I would have been out of my mind. You will also need some wire and ends to relocate the solenoid. I got 2 AWG battery cable from the parts store and copper ends. You can go with 4 AWG as it is more flexible and the runs are not that long that need to be made. You will need about 5 feet of cable and 8 ring terminals. I also had to figure out a way to mount the solenoid. For this I used the original mount to the winch body and flattened it with a hammer. I then put a screw in both ends of the bracket and the solenoid cover. The ARB bracket that was supplied was used as a template on where to drill the flattened bracket and was attached with 2 6mm screws from the hardware pack to the ARB mounting bracket. I will try and mock up another one as ARB sent me a whole second complete hardware package with all of the mounting brackets for the bumper. I was missing some hardware (nuts and bolts) and requested replacements and this is what they sent me.

Winch works fine. It is slow but will drag the WJ on pavement with the brakes all locked with out hesitation, had to try it, the only problem I have with the whole setup is since I have the V8 it is a bit heavier than the I6. Once the ARB and winch were slung out over the front end it took the lift down a bit in the front. With the lift only I netted 5" front and rear. Bumper and winch crushed the front down 2" but has rebounded about half an inch so I am about 1.5" nose down. I could deal with just an inch so I am going to be putting in some 1" spacers in hopes it takes up most of the loss an I will be back to the 4.5" lift I was looking at having plus this will help with approach angle since I now have a diving board on the front of my vehicle.

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View cjinpink's Jeep
07-31-2012, 02:32 PM
Like the lift height!

2004 WJ Grand Cherokee


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View lestatsghost's Jeep
08-01-2012, 01:13 AM
Originally Posted by cjinpink
Like the lift height!

2004 WJ Grand Cherokee
Thanks. I was thinking of going bigger on the tires but the 31's stuff so nice I figured I will keep the 31's. It looks a bit disproportional but it works so I'm leaving it as it sits. I still need a few more parts (front UCA's and rear LCA's) but then I will be done. Unless I decided to do BPE's and a stud mount on RS5010's up front to get the most travel I can. I should really install some bumpstop extenders but RS5000's IMO are sturdy enough for the abuse of full compression over 26" extended and 15" compressed.

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View JeepMan901's Jeep
08-02-2012, 04:25 PM
That's a bada** jeep wj. I bet it shows the tj's who's boss!

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