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Accessories:k&n cold air intake 57 series

Future Modifications:wheels, tires, front coils, shocks.

I just put on a k&n cold air intake 57 series...ive seafoamed it twice, changed the oil, added lucas oil stablizer after finally finished a whole bottle of motor flush because i never used the entire bottle at once, oil filter new o2 sensor, new fan belt, and double platinum spark plugs. I cleaned my throttle body and used close to 2 cans of throttle body air intake cleaner (its never been done, its best to use it in moderation little by little, i prefer the intake cleaner than seafoam which i used in my gas only).well.... i posted this to advise everybody to do all of this. My engine runs smooth, my horsepower is up, its quite, my mpg's are up, my throttle response is effecient. My rpm's are down and its just redifined my jeep. Do it. It all cost me about.....$400.


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