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This has been my first car; 1995 JGC Limited V8. Things were rough at first- I bought her for cheap with 215000 miles on her and now we're at 221500. Almost two thousand dollars have been put in her to keep her on the road and she runs better than ever, but now I need a new steering box for $300+. Hopefully I have a month or two at least before that repair comes.

The only thing I've done myself besides replacing all the speakers and radio with aftermarket ones was replace the bumper cover, which was challenging because the reinforce bar was all mangled underneath from an accident; I had to do my own thing to get it to stay there. That was my first time fixing anything like that, so Since then I learned a lot about the car and got some fabrication ideas. From a junkyard I picked up XJ fender flares for the rear wheels which I will clean up, paint black, and affix there any way that looks good. I also got some badly needed wiper blades which are not just yet. Picked a really nice steering wheel cover, random interior bits and some replacement Jeep emblems/lettering from an Orvis too.

Most importantly though I took the tire mount from the back of an Isuzu Rodeo, which I will trim down a bit to fit my spare then bolt down to the back of the roof. All this should be done with pics in a few days.

Next trip I will be getting the materials with which to fabricate an off road light bar for the roof, which should be a lot of fun for me.

I'm contemplating whether or not to do anything about the paint chips and bad body work that the previous owner did (the car was also broken into and my Pioneer radio stolen, this wound up damaging the drivers side door). It looks good enough from far away so I might not as I am so very tight for money. One thing I'd like to do though is paint those rims black...

As for off road experience, I'm not sure what the previous owners have done but as for me it's hard to find a place on Long Island to do that. I could always hit the beaches out here but I'm kind of afraid that the thing would collapse or something because of its age. Also it's a daily driver and I need all the stability I can get so I don't see a lift in this girl's future. Wouldn't mind some mighty tires but I don't know what I could fit or if I could do $700 worth of rubber just for a look.

I could use suggestions on a good repair manual in preparation for any more mechanical problems as well as any suggestions on what else to do to the car to make it more my own. Anyway thanks for reading about my Jeep!


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