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Engine:4.0 6 cyl

Front Axle:dana 30

Rear Axle:dana 35

Tires:goodyear duratrac

Future Modifications:everything

Help! Jeep was overheating at stops and temp gauge would randomly shoot up and down while driving. When jeep would get hot my heater would start blowing cold air. Replaced Thermostat and water pump and now it is running like hell! There is exhaust fumes pouring out everywhere. Its very thick and has a strange smell. Jeep temp gauge got warm very fast and runs very rough. Could this be a cracked head and water is getting into my cylinders? Exhaust fumes are coming out of back of exhaust pipe so i dont think it is a clogged cat. Someone give me a idea of what the hell is wrong please!


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02-15-2013, 04:36 AM
Sounds like blown head gasket out cracked head or block pull plugs out and see if water is in cylinder just replaced mine few weeks ago 4.7ho do to pitting on head but if you got it to hot it may have cracked or warped it wont know untill u pull the heads though good luck

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