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Just call her "She"

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Transfer Case:NP249

Front Axle:Stock

Rear Axle:Stock

Axle Gear Ratio:Stock





Recovery Gear:Rear Hitch

Accessories:Everything offered except front towhooks.

Future Modifications:4.5" IRO w/ Long Arms, 33" tires, Roof Rack, lights, bumper, winch, Body armor, fix rust

I started out in high school in Minnesota fixing up an old AMC Eagle and loving the crap out of that. I exhausted local parts for it and really got annoyed by always tinkering with the 4 million miles of vacuum lines that plague the AMC line. I picked up a cherokee with a small lift and loved it. From there my love affair with Jeeps started to grow. I bought a 97 GC 5.2 in 07 and got t-bone a month later by some Jackhole in an F-250 going too fast and slid through a stop sign. I picked up my Niner later that same year. 100k miles. Every option except front tow hooks. for $1500. I have had it 5 years and other than routine maintenance and a tune up. I haven't spent an extra dime on it. Only issues it has is no horn, rear windshield wiper motor burned out and heated seats don't work. Just turned over 240k miles yesterday on the OEM motor, tranny and transfer case. I lived in Minneapolis, MN so having a good city wagon was sufficient, I did wheel it in the backwoods trails and WOW I can't believe how capable the ZJ is bone stock. I have since moved to Cheyenne, Wy and want a rig suitable for mountain trails. SOOOO time to start playing with her.


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