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Model:ZJ Grand Cherokee

Engine:318 5.2l

Transfer Case:np231


Tires:265/75/R16 interco truxus


Recovery Gear:tool backpack, gloves and head lamp lol

Accessories:pvc snorkle with k&n air filter with custom airbox mounted on roof

Future Modifications:4.5 long arm liftkit, tranny and tcase swap to nv3500 5 speed and 2wd to 4wd tcase,

This is my first jeep and to be honest it has been alot of fun but allllot of headach and break downs. But i have had alot of fun and have taken this jeep alota place i would never been able to go in anything else. I used to cringe when i seen a jeep now i smile cuz i know how much fun they are.


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