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Model:ZJ GC Laredo



Transfer Case:242 I think

Front Axle:Whatever stock is

Rear Axle:Not worried about it until i have to fix it


Tires:Uniroyal Laredo A/T 225/75 15

Wheels:Jeep Canyon


Recovery Gear:None

Accessories:A locker would be nice

Future Modifications:3.5" lift, t-case skid and some larger tires. 30 to 31"

I was hoping to avoid going the photobucket route to post piktars. I couldn't post them from my phone on website, but can when on mobile site..go figure.

By the way, my brother, who I bought the Jeep from, named her because i got it well under bluebook at the time.


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View StidgeInTN's Jeep
06-26-2011, 04:58 PM
There, that's better. Need to get a lift on her. I'm liking this wheelin stuff waaaaay too much.

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View Glued2aPost's Jeep
07-21-2011, 07:39 PM
I'd love to go wheeling but Oklahoma is so damn flat! You could go offroading in a ford taurus!

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View StidgeInTN's Jeep
07-21-2011, 09:35 PM
^^^ I'll post some pics from this Saturday to tease you. Lots
of mountains here in TN. Here's what I've done to get her a little more "trail worthy"

2" Budget Boost. After driving around for a week, I really need to put some spring isolators in the rear to get rid of some coil reverberation.

Got some decent used All Terrains mounted onto my xtra wheels just for wheelin' trips. (I drive too much during the week)

T-case skid going on tomorrow after work.

This baby did great stock, but now I'm really gonna be able to tackle some rough stuff. The guys in Wranglers I ride with are going to be like, WTF? You can go there in a ZJ?

By the way, I rode a motorcycle through Oklahoma a couple times...windy!

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View Glued2aPost's Jeep
07-21-2011, 10:33 PM
The best thing to do in Oklahoma is leave

I bought my ZJ because I am moving to Alaska in the fall. Just got it about a month ago and for $1000 off the sticker price because of all the stuff that was broken. Fixed it all for about $20. Now I'm replacing everything that still works, but is worn out. I dont need a break down in the middle of Canada and 1500 miles away from the nearest auto parts store! That's set me back about another $500 and I just ordered some steel trailready bumpers and some aftermarket lights... I've driven Mustangs for the past ten years and love them to death but my ZJ has stolen my heart

Wheels, tires, and lifting it a couple inches are on my to do list

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