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Oklahoma City

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Transfer Case:249

Front Axle:D30

Rear Axle:D44a

Axle Gear Ratio:373




Armor:Not Yet

Recovery Gear:Not Yet


Future Modifications:Browning M2

Hello and thanks for all the help!

I've just finished getting a broken 98 niner back on the road. Purchased it for $600 because the transmission and suspension appeared to be broken. Thanks to all of the articles on this forum, I've been able to make it road ready again.

The transmission would not shift out of first gear. Based on advice I saw here, I removed the ?relay? for the transmission control unit and I found that I could manually shift gears which told me it was an electrical problem, not necessarily a mechanical one. Replaced the TPS and it was better, but still not reliable. Sometimes I would have to pull over and pull the relay and shift manually to make it home. So I replaced the output shaft sensor and WooHoo!! Smooth shifting - doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the transmission mechanically. KaChing!! Cost something like $40.

The suspension problems ended up being a combination of the rear wheel bearings and the rear track bar bushings. Felt like it was waggling its butt when making even the slighting turn. I ended up buying the parts from RockAuto and having a professional install them. That was 90% of the problem, but once it stopped waggling, I could tell there was something else wrong. Put a new set of tires on it and found out that 3 of the tires were one size and 1 was the original 225/70R16. Problem solved.

Plan on replacing the remainder of the suspension components over the next six months and letting my son drive it until he graduates high school (or college if it lasts that long).

5.9l , bearings , track bar , transmission

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