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98 zJ I6 mod in works

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First and foremost I am new here. I recently traded a suziki aero valued at 1350 for my gorgeous ZJ. I do believe I made a killer title swap. I am going to list negs, repairs, and up coming mods.

1. Rear Shock Casings shot
2. Right driver tie rod
3. Bushings
4. Horn
5. Hatch is diff color and needs a prop to keep up
6. Common mopar rust on rocker panels

1. Rear end twice bad seal for bearings first time.
2. Balanced tires were off 4oz n 2oz
3. E brake springs n clips (took off since found out middle connector from front cable to y cable in rear is missing)
4. New alternator

Mod and repairs to come
1. Straight pipe
2. Lift (will replace old shocks)
3. Snorkle
4. Body work (tiger meshing rocker panels for temp fix
5. Air Horn
6. KC lights on roof rack
7. 31s after 3 or 3.5 lift (first stage will be a bod lift followed by suspension lift equal ling total of 6 in end (also will take advice on which to do first im not sure due to fact if i do body i cant do no hardcore mudding/off road dont want to snap a spacer and drop body.)

Thats it for now folks. Leave feedback, tips, advice, and I will respond. My picture will be up tomorrow to show my sexy lady


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