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97 Grand Cherokee Limited 5.2L

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Hi all! New to the forum here. I'll start with some back story here.

When I was younger my uncle owned a 93 Cherokee, and it was my favorite. He bought it new. He ran that thing till she died, due to a car wreck. Keep in mind, I am only 17 here.

I looking at a 97 GC Limited with the 5.2L. I have done tons of research and people seem to love it, and she seems great. The only problem is it has a coolant leak. I am curious as to if there is any common problems related or if this is a common piece with the greatest dodge motor ever created?

I already looked up replacing the water pump, if it comes to that. As it sits I'm getting this jeep for dort cheap, and it'll be my first car. I have lots of mechanical aptitude, taking my first year of autobody tech currently, after 3 years of Advanced Mechanics throughout highschool.

Tl;Dr 97 GC Limited 5.2L is leaking coolant, is this common or not? Any other common issues?


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