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Model:Grand Cherokee Laredo

Engine:4.0 L 6

Transmission:Automatic 42RE

Transfer Case:231

Front Axle:D30

Rear Axle:D35

Axle Gear Ratio:3.55

Tires:235-75 X 15


Accessories:Front side windows tinted,Rear side & Back DARK tint

My first Jeep
Purchased as a fixer upper
Many repairs already completed

What I have done to my zj in 18 days


I purchased my 95 grand Cherokee 4.0 .265,000 Mi. Dec 3 2011, For $650
Worked on it almost every day for 18 days
This is my check list of to do repairs that have been finished

[X] Back seat stuck, unbolt and reassemble
[X] Cleaned PCM harness plug with contact cleaner,other connectors,also
[X] Check trouble codes
[X] Cigarette lighter from junk yard
[X] Cut hole in lift gate panel , get new 1 from the junk yard
[X] Cut off and Replace Rear door handle
[X] Cut off and Replace Rear door latch
[X] Dome light bulb
[X] Replace Drivers seat, junk yard part
[X] Engine restorer
[X] Front Side marker bulb
[X] Get console from junk yard and replace
[X] Got 4 floor mats at junk yard for free
[X] Oil and filter changed
[X] Oil filter adapter o rings
[X] Rear Lift gate latch rusted,get lift gate open
[X] Rear end gear oil
[X] Rear side marker bulbs
[X] Replace Camshaft sensor
[X] Replace Crankshaft position sensor
[X] Replace Fuel filter
[X] Replace Hood latch cable from junk yard
[X] Replace Horns junk yard part
[X] Replace Spark plugs, spark plug wires , distributor cap, rotor
[X] Replace dome light cover, junk yard part
[X] Replace thermostat, new
[X] Replace water pump, new
[X] Replaced Stabilizer bar links left and right, new
[X] Replaced left rear bent Axle shaft bearing and seal, axle junk yard part
[X] Restore headlights , replace left headlight from junk yard
[X] Shift indicator bulb
[X] Turn signal side light bulb
[X] 4new used tires from crags list, have locks removed
More repairs done, add here later,New picture coming soon


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