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5.9 ZJ replaces my 88 XJ

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I was happy with the XJ. But I wanted a few more bells and wistles. I was going to get a ZJ with a 4.0 untell I found out about the 5.9 ZJ. I was sold. It took a year to find one and save the money to buy it. I got it in December of 2010. It has 208,XXX miles on it. I have a Flowmaster exaust and K&N dropin filter. The electric fans have been replaced with a machanical one. I have replaced all the speakers except the cargo back top 4. The head unit is a Kenwood CD with Aux and USB ports. Also added a 12 in sub. It sounds great for me. In working on adding a 2nd battery now.

Babyboy303 ;0P


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