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1997 Grand Cherokee Laredo Alarm

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I've recently bought my jeep and as I've been working to dress it up and fix it up a little I have realized that the factory alarm doesn't want to work. I was working on some electrical work Inside wiring lights and I reconnected my battery terminal to see the alarm light was blinking. I thought it was odd since it was the first thing I had seen of a factory alarm working in the car since I bought it. I went to start the car and it entered into engine immobilizer mode causing the engine not to turn over. I learned online about finding the purple and yellow stripped wire heading from the drivers side door to under the dash and cutting it and grounding the end that leads from the door. I tried it, the engine started right up. Than I was at pep boys and I locked my doors. I went to open them again by the key and the blinking light didn't turn off, and the alarm went off and wouldn't turn off. I disconnected the battery terminals and cleaned them hoping it couldn't hurt. It started up fine no blinking light. About 10 minutes after that at home the same thing happened, the alarm wouldn't stop going off. If any body knows of a way to 100% disarm the alarm I would love to know because as you all know, having the alarm sounding and not stop is insanely aggravating and also embarrassing. If any one could help I would appreciate any respond. Thank you


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