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1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 5.2L V8

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El Cajon

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I bought this Jeep a little over a year ago. The previous owners were really neglectful regarding fixing things so there is a lot of little tinkering to do on it.

  1. The previous own tells me there is a power drain that will kill the battery if left too long. He was able to narrow it down to one of the circuits going through the fuse box under the hood. Instead of fixing the power drain, he replaced the fuse with a switch that he put under the dash so he can switch off the circuit after parking.
  2. I found that the radiator and/or the AC condenser is not mounted correctly on the driver's side and is missing some hardware. From what I can tell, the radiator has a dowel that is supposed to go through the lower bracket of the condenser, but it looks like the bracket is bent and would not allow the dowel to line up correctly. Luckily there is enough brackets and such around it all that it's still pretty snug. I'll pull it all apart and get it fixed.
  3. Finally, the battery cable look pretty bad, so I'm going to add marine style battery terminals and make new cables.

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