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XJ Advice: Settle for an Auto?

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Hi all,
I've been scouring Craigslist for the past couple of weeks looking for an XJ that has a reasonable number of miles, 4x4, 4 door, and manual and have found one that was sold before I could drive to go see it. I've now come across a '99 that I would classify as exellent condition with 117k miles on it which seems awesome compared to what I've been looking at mileagewise, the catch is it's an auto... I'm looking for some advice to as if I should pursue it. I want to build an XJ and use it for moderate offroading, but also a DD and that's one of the big reasons I wanted a manual, auto it boring to me. I've never owned a Jeep before, so will awesomeness of the XJ alone make up for the fun factor lost with the manual? Thoughts or opinons from people that might have had both would be appreciated. Also any insight on the '99 year in particular as to tranny swaps would be cool, I've read a lot of threads about swaps but usually about different years. Thanks.



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