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Model:Cherokee Laredo

Engine:4.0L AMC 242 I6


Hello all,

I am new to Jeep Forum and new to Jeeps/OffRoad vehicles in general. I've always been a street car guy (mustangs) and my girlfriend loves jeeps. Her dad got her one for her birthday and it's in rough shape. But the frame is perfect so I want to bring this thing back to life. So this is my list (maybe a project post if y'all do that here) of issues that I could really use some help with. Keep in mind, I'm not Bill Gates or anything, so it may take awhile to get new things purchased. Also keep in mind that I am new to the offroad world. So things like lifts, transfer cases, and axles (some at least) are new to me.

The Jeep is in rough condition at best. All the wiring has been hacked and cut apart. Even trying to turn the radio on made the windshield wipers turn on. There are dents on almost every panel on the truck. The headliner is gone and water leaks through holes. It's just a mess honestly.

From the day the jeep was purchased.

She was driving home from work one night and smelled something burning. I take a look and find some serious issues under the hood.
Looks like the fuel injector harness had a short and caught fire. Luckily she got home shortly after it happened because a couple of the injectors had melted and were leaking fuel onto the engine. It appears finding new harnesses are difficult. Is it worth continuing?

All the body panels are destroyed.
All the wires to the added lights have been cut.
The roof leaks from everything being removed.
The driver side door key lock does not function. the door must be locked and unlocked from the inside.
The passenger side door sometimes will not unlock.
The back hatch key hole has been removed, making it nearly impossible to open.
The back hatch support struts are blown out.
There WAS a massive hole in the hood. Hood has been replaced with junkyard part.
Fender molding has been removed and fenders cut, but tires still rubbed, damaging the fenders.

Repair fuel injection harness, fuel injectors, and emissions parts.
Replace and correct all missing, damaged, or improper wiring.
Remove lights from grille.
Replace grille.
Fix door lock issue.
Replace back hatch.
Remove the purple tint (wth)
Replace or repair all body panels.
Find and repair all leaks (Engine and Trans seem to have small leaks of oil)
Install new headliner and seals.
Replace all seats.
Replace or remove interior carpet.
Replace driver side view mirror.
Replace cracked windshield.
Repaint entire truck.

Re-wired and replaced stereo.
Removed all the stickers.
Temporarily fixed driver side front fender from being hit when the door is opened.
Purchased, prepped and painted replacement driver side front fender.
Replaced Hood.
Replaced faulty battery.

As you can see there is much that needs to be done to get this thing right. Any help would be awesome. If I need more info just let me know. Thanks all.


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View NBNCJeep14's Jeep
03-02-2014, 07:21 AM
Pacific coast I am in the process of replacing the heater core and some other mess on my XJ. I had a question I put out there and a member of the jeep community told me about the above. It cost me like 7.50 for the manual that I downloaded to the computer. The thing is almost 2000 pages long and tells you everything you could want to know about the jeep. Just thought I would pass along the info because its been helpful to me and sounds like you've got a good bit of work ahead of you.

It's a nice looking jeep. Good luck.

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View Chass1s's Jeep
03-02-2014, 11:29 AM
Awesome! Thanks, I'll check it out

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