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Model:cherokee 2wd





Recovery Gear:none

Future Modifications:four wheel disk brake.

purchased this Jeep for 800.00 3 years ago. wife delivers mail in it and gives it complete and total hell with all the stoping and going on sometimes dusty sometimes muddy dirt roads I have removed the center console and shaved the diver and pasenger seat sides along with fabricating a seat/cover over the ebrake to allow her to drive from the center. so far a radiator, valve cover gasket, rebuilding/cleaning the neutral safety switch and oilpan gasket along with routine maint is all its needed to stay on the road and its driven on a route 6 days a week. it looks like hell but I am very proud of her we rescued her from a guy that was literaly driving her into the ground and if i didnt know any better i think she loves us for it.


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