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Finally done for the 2nd time

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Im new to this forum so thought I would start off with what I've done to get to where I'm at with the jeep now. I picked up this 1999 Cherokee about a year ago it was 2wd when I got it did the swap planned on having a nice dd.

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Started with 3 inches and 30s ran with that for a while then I got tired of not being able to do hardly anything so upgrades came but I also had to replace tranny and motor during all of this

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Right when I got the 33's but I couldn't flex. The only way to solve was long arms so a few months later I got some

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My end result was this beast. 5.5" lift(going up soon) long arms shackle relocation in back and Thor cowl induction are the more exciting things I've added.

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Dropping a new motor in this week due to a few holes in the block


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