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Hi I've got a decently modified 98xj that started out bone stock.. I've added a 4 1/2" rough country x-flex lift. 32x11.5R15 tires and american racing wheels. I've built my own front bumper with brush bar and am working on a dual reciever setup for front and rear as well as spare carrier. Has anyone run into this problem. My fenders are cut back 3" in front and 2 1/4 in the back. The rear axle tucks nicely with no interferance. The front on the other hand still rubs... on the INNER fender well "bump" where the air cleaner sits when I turn hard right and fully articulate the wheel into the fender. Is this because I'm running bfg a/t's which seem to have more of a square tread or do I just need to get out the old sledge and knock that back a bit? My buddy has a 90xj and there's no interferance on his? Is this bump really needed? Anyone run into this before.


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