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I have a 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport. Ive replaced the Ignition Coil, Crankshaft sensor, and also the ECM. When I replaced the ECM the thing started up and ran. Spit and sputtered a little, Which I was thinking it may have air pockets in the fuel line, So I gave it gas after about 3 times doing this it ran fine. Well when I got to work and shut it off and wait till the end of my shift it wouldnt start back up. So I tested to see if I was getting any spark again. It wasnt firing again. I bought the ECM refurbished with a one year warranty. The only thing I know to do is to send it back and Get another one. Being the fact it ran when I first replaced the ECM. Does anyone else have any suggestions???
Also when I put the new ECM on and the key was off and out the thing would still shoot out gas through the pressure valve. As I was testing to see if the fuel pump was working. Im aware to you should have the key on in order to test the fuel pump. Being my hearing is bad this is the only other way I seemed to test it. Im ready to set the thing on fire and watch it burn. I have the money to replace parts but not put it in a shop. Im mechanically inclined so I kinda got good ideas on how to test things to determine what the issue is. Ive never cleaned the motor, ive also went over all wire harness and checked all grounding locations to make sure were getting a good connection. Everything seems to look good. Please dont come at me saying the distributor, cause if I cant get spark to the coil then how can it be the distributor. Please use your head when you come at me with advice. Also be somewhat of a mechanic even if its a backyard mechanic. I just dont need dumb remarks. I dont have the time or patience. THANKS A BUNCH.


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