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Transmission:5 speed

Suspension:stock - for now

Wheels:stock aluminum

Future Modifications:leveling & lift kit

Long time lurker, first time joiner. I have 2 Cherokees:

1996 Country, all stock, in pretty good shape, that my daughter drives daily.

1997 Sport, all stock, 4x4, 2 door, 5 speed, just bought it for my son and me to fix up together and it will be his daily driver when he turns 16. I wanted both my kids to learn to drive stick so I needed a low-cost option to add to the family fleet.

First question: the 1997 sits low on the back, springs are sagging a little. I want to get new rear springs, shackles, and bolts and level it out. I also would not mind lifting it very conservatively, maybe an inch all around and leveled.

Any recommendation on kits, brand names, installation tricks? I am a good home mechanic and have done plenty of engine and some chassis work in the past on non-Jeep vehicles, so the job doesn't scare me.
I saw some kits from SD Truck Springs that look pretty good, but it seems like there are so many out there. I don't want to go Add-a-leaf, the old springs and shackles are so beat and rusty they aren't worth saving.

Also: if I left it about 3.4" to 1", and I keep the stock rims, what are the biggest tires I can put on the rims that will fit and ride OK? We won't do much off roading, mostly just around town.

Thanks, look forward to hearing from you.


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View Bacon91XJ's Jeep
04-23-2013, 01:15 AM
Pretty sure if you find an upcountry from the salvage they had about 1" over stock springs. Or you could spacer and shackle it pretty inexpensivly.

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