bought it, rolled it, rebuilding it, calling it flipper! :) Jeep Registry
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bought it, rolled it, rebuilding it, calling it flipper! :)

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Hey guys! So I've been on jeep forum for a while, but I was always on cherokee forum and posted most of my stuff over there. But I'm gettin bored of it, and so I wanted a wider range of expertise to start learning from so I'm starting to spend most of my time on here now!

Long story short, I bought a 2 door 1993 cherokee 4.0ho, 5sp, 4x4 last year about half way through school. I made a couple bumpers, a roof rack, did some stuff to the interior, and little minor stuff.

Then about two months ago, a few weeks into summer I rolled it and it landed on its roof :/

So then I began this rebuild and I'm calling her flipper now! so this is gonna be my whole build from the last few months all condensed down, but please feel free to ask questions about stuff, leave comments, or whatever ya want.

So my plan for rebuild was a minimum of 6 point tie in roll cage, frame stiffeners, chop the back, make a pickup bed, wanted a minor engine rebuild (bearings, gaskets, seals, etc), new clutch, and some other misc items.

Here's my progress so far!!

Attachment 471816

Attachment 471817

Attachment 471818

I've done a lot more since those picture, like put in my windows, ground down a lot of welds, bed lined about half the.bed, bondo (body filler putty stuff) a lot of the areas that weren't smooth, like the area on the corners of the.roof, and bed rails.

The other day I started taking down my transmission in my driveway. The reason I'm taking it out is because my slave cylinder decided to quit working :/ so basically I couldn't reach the.bolts up on top of the.bell housing, so my girlfriends dad came down me and we loaded it.on his trailer and took it to his shop at his house and put her on the lift!!

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The two top bolts are (I didn't know this when I started) are external torx bolts. I was using 12 pt sockets on it at my house, and I stripped the head on the drivers side top bolt. (the black bolt head in the pics next to where the speedometer sensor goes.) so I have all the bolts out except that one dam bolt. On Saturday I'm goin up to her house to work on it again and our plan is to weld a nut to the bolt head and try it that way. If that don't work, we'll have to cut the head off and get out the bolt after we drop the transmission.

I'll post pictures of my build up to this point, but from this, what do you all think? Any comments, questions are welcome! I like to hear input from others.


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