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Billie the '88 XJ

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This is my '88 XJ Billie.he is bone stock and was ready for the JY when I got him. At one point he was owned by a tweaker.

Here's what was wrong when I got him:

He didn't shift on his own
He had a BAD blow by issue
There was rear end damage
The rear hatch didn't seal at all
Power steering hose leaked
Battery was very weak
The electrical under the dash was screwed up
He was VERY dirty inside & out
The headliner was cut up & drooping
He had a bad exhaust leak at the muffler
The front doors were very hard to open/close
There was no stereo
The antenna was broken off
Most of the fuses were missing
The power seats weren't hooked up
Most of the lights didn't work
The door locks didn't work
He had been parked for 1 1/2 years
Maintenance was very far behind
Oil pressure sender was erratic
Steering wheel cover Was tore up

So far I've fixed:
Shifting issue (fuse)
Blow by (cleaned ccv & added catch can)
replaced p/s pressure hose
pryed up the rear floor so the hatch seals
Repaired the dash wiring
Repaired a short at the distribution block
Replaced pugs, cap & rotor (coil & wires soon)
Changed oil
Replaced radiator (upgrading to open soon)
Clamped muffler (replacing exhaust soon)
Replaced & upgraded battery (34 DLG)
Replaced (-) battery terminal
Got all lights working
Replaced some fuses
Cleaned interior
Washed exterior (still needs more)
Hooked up power seats (still needs circuit breaker)
Installed stereo in dash, not hooked up yet (need speaker wires & rear speakers)
Removed door checks in front
Removed headliner & obsolete wiring
Removed under hood insulation
Removed rear hatch panel (will replace when I get screws)
Replaced rear seat with cloth (dog dosen't like leather)

I've done all of this while unemployed and spent less than $200 total

In the future I plan to

Upgrade cooling system to open
Replace all exhaust
Upgrade headlights
Restore stock suspension
Replace tires
Replace all engine gaskets
Replace rear main (not leaking yet)
Install better oil catch system (beer can now)
Replace oil pump
Replace oil sender
Replace front seats to match rear
Replace steering wheel

Wish me luck!


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