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JerseyDoug 06-06-2010 05:59 AM

Tuffy Security Console/Glove Box install
I installed both the Tuffy security console and glove in my 06 TJ this weekend.

My overall evaluation is they are good products. However, the instructions cold be better and tech support wasn't much help.

Glove Box -- easy install. Minor problem in that it wouldn't latch closed. Called tech support, no help. Finally realized I had tightened the top screws too tight, which was pulling the striker away from the latch.

Security Console -- I only purchased the back half w/ speaker enclosure. I broke the lid off the original console and the replacement was $135! Another $100 and I had a Tuffy console. So, the instructions could be written better. I still have no idea why it was necessary to use self-tapping screws into pre-existing holes. Also, the two extra holes you are supposed to drill and then somehow install two bolts with washers and nuts, well, that didn't happen.

Also, even though the instructions don't say, you really need to fasten the mounting bracket to the floor and then install the console and check to make sure the front bracket lines up with the hole under the cup holder and the hole under the gear shift (I have an auto) lines up. I followed the instructions and had to undo things to adjust the rear mounting bracket.

Even with the "problems" I encountered and the fact I didn't install the extra bolts/screws, I am satisfied. At least someone walking down the street won't be able to pop the glove box or console open for a quick hit. Now I just have to remember to keep them locked.;)

The time now is 05:18 AM.

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