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Metalcloak 10-23-2009 10:40 PM

“Thank you sir, may we have another.” - The Saga of the MetalCloak Frame Built Bumper
“Thank you sir, may we have another.”

What an awesome flaming of our first release of the MetalCloak Frame-Built™ bumper system -- you can see the original post here:

The multitude of posts on all the top jeep forums, not just this one, provided an incredible pool of blatant flames, incredible ideas, and interesting concepts for improving this product... thank you. :2thumbsup:

Thank you also for all of the compliments on our benchmark MetalCloak Arched Tube Fenders™. Anyone that read the flaming posts a few years ago relative to the first (alpha revision) release of the (then Rev111) Arched Tube Fenders would say that the bumper thread did not look near as bad “in comparison”. :laugh: In the case of our Arched Tube Fenders we did our best to address most of the feedback, resulting in our flagship MetalCloak product line.

As I try to do a better job describing the Frame-Built™ bumper system as well as all the improvements added in the past couple months I will try to include as much of the feedback (flame and otherwise) associated with the revisions as possible. Let me start by showing the photograph on the original post. The rest of this thread will detail the changes and what we mean by Build Your Own Bumper!
This is the original picture and first glimpse the world had of our bumper.


First, I would like to give kudos to the best flame we received.

Originally Posted by BossBuilt
“Whats a stinger? It has wings? Is it a Bee?”

Very deserving, and as you will see throughout this thread, we took your comments to heart changing the official names of our bumper "wings" to uh... Caps - Stubbie Caps, MINI Caps, Crawler Caps... etc.

Then there's the massive hoop configuration above.

Originally Posted by Lumpster
“...what are the bars sticking out from the front for? I hopes its not for looks”


Originally Posted by QuickSilverCon
“the front hoops don't provide any foreseeable benefit to my type of wheeling.”


Originally Posted by BoSoxGp
“that whole bumper/cow pusher looks like hell.”


Originally Posted by mg2000xj
“Ugly grill hoop kills it for me”


Originally Posted by willy05TJ
“i guess it could be used to push cattle along.”


Originally Posted by cartwrigth27
“I like the integrated grill guard but don't like the styling of the two forward hoops.”


Originally Posted by Why J?
“redesign the front horns, no reason to be there. Redesign to add some hoop support that is reasonable and you could have something.”

and many more...

It was painfully obvious that the hoop system and our introductory post was a poor attempt at best.

This is a Frame Built™ system meaning that we have a multitude of trail tested components that individually mount directly to the frame of the Jeep or, as a whole, will create a bumper tailored to the needs of the owner.

There are currently 5 hoop configurations going through R&D, with more to come. And as part of our ongoing development we are open to designing hoops (or other options) around sketches and ideas from you, the end user. BTW, if you're the first to present the idea, and assuming we implement it, we will give you the first production unit for free.

So lets look at the revisions made in the last couple months and hopefully collect some more great feedback!!!
The new MetalCloak Frame-Built Modular Bumper Options...


Our design philosophy at MetalCloak is to create products with unique and original looks with greater functionality. We refuse to build “me too” products. Therefore we have to take some risks on styling and features. In general when we hear comments like “that is definitely different” we know we are on the right track. We believe we are on the right track with this Frame Built™ Modular bumper system and we will just continue to listen to your feedback and continue to improve the product.


Originally Posted by Srooney
“...the YJ and TJ bolt patterns are similar why not make some small mods and such that your bumper system fits both a YJ and TJ.”

Done... the new model will fit either a TJ/LJ or a YJ and the base is available in both Hot Rolled Steel or Stainless Steel. Here a similar build (stainless steel base) is shown on both rigs, using basically the same components:


Originally Posted by Slope
“...dude, the front sticks out so much it looks like a diving board”


Originally Posted by NikVallens
“... the bumper looks like one massive chunk of unnecessary weight.”

Great suggestions!!!! We moved the front of the main base plate all the way back to the frame and moved the fairlead mounts to the front/top angle of the bumper. Yet we still kept 1 ¾” of clearance between the winch and the air intake of the front grill.
The space between the Warn Powerplant and the TJ grill

This feedback substantially improved the look, weight and price point of the unit. :thumbsup:


Originally Posted by Matsky
“ TJ has a stock sway bar how could I possibly mount any of your hoop designs.”


Originally Posted by WillyNilly
“ u sure that hoop will work with stock fenders?”

Done! All our current and future hoop configurations allow for the use of a stock sway bar on the TJ and will not interfere with stock fenders.
Just a couple of hoop options, with more including grill guards, to come.


Originally Posted by Why J?
“...Tie into the current fenders to add strength across the entire front of the jeep.”

This is a good time to mention that many have suggested that we physically tie our fenders to our bumper system. But, as a matter of engineering, we are not prone to do that since our fenders are secured to the body and the bumper is secured to the frame. The movement/flex that occurs between the body and the frame during off-road experiences would wreak havok and destroy any “tie” between the body and frame.


Originally Posted by Rubicon1000
“can u put a high lift jack under the rings and jack the jeep up?”

Great point... the answer is yes there is plenty of room to use your hi-lift on the upper shackles. However, if one still wants a lower recovery point we've added a shackle mount component at the forward angle of the base plate.


Forward-Angle shackles.


Originally Posted by QuickSilverCon
“The thing is way too wide”


Originally Posted by BoSoxGp
“i wouldn't buy the "removable wings", look like they would hang up on the approach.”


Originally Posted by Andy M
“i would like to see a stubbier end cap...that one looks a little wide for me”

This was already part of the original design, but we did not show our “Crawler Cap” cap in that first thread. Here is a look at a couple of few different cap options. There will be more to come based on customer requests.

The real purpose of this thread is to better explain that the Frame Built™ Modular bumper system allows for hundreds of configurations with new options being developed every week -- our modular bumper system will continue to evolves and improve based on your feedback.

So let us know what you want, what you desire, and if it makes sense we will add the option.

Recent suggestions we are developing include license plate bracket, new fairleads, hi-lift mounts, light mounts (recesses), grill/hood guard, steering box skid plate, end caps for stock fenders, recovery hooks, marker lights and more!

Finally … and possibly most importantly


Originally Posted by rubicon1000
“very expensive”


Originally Posted by BoSoxGp
“id never pay that much for a front bumper”


Originally Posted by Quicksilver
“Hopefully you can bring the price down”


Originally Posted by Cartwrigth27
“And the price for a base stubby seems a little high”


Originally Posted by NikVallens
“Very high price”


Originally Posted by Hughes16
“ for almost $1,000”


Originally Posted by stwilson74
“...Reasons for disliking the bumper: 1) Price..."


Originally Posted by DJ404564X4
“for the seven hundred odd dollars your charging, you can get a whole lot of bumpers.”

Okay, we got it... Thanks! We recognize that we missed the mark on price. :doh: The recent revisions presented here, thanks to your feedback, have substantially reduced the overall production cost of the system. These reductions in cost translate into a substantial reduction in the price of your build.

Here are just some of the builds we've already shipped to customers across the country.
With our 20% sale, these pre-configured builds range in price from $200 for the Stealth to $600 for Ezzy's Build.

What's your build? Maybe your bumper will be our next pre-configured offering!

For a full list of our current builds and to BUILD YOUR OWN BUMPER, go to:
MetalCloak TJ/LJ/YJ Frame Built(TM) Modular Bumpers


At MetalCloak we strive to create American-made uniquely styled products, with more features, improved functionality and at a reasonable price. With every new release, we strive to hit the mark on all our goals, but that's not always the case. But, over time, we will listen to you and make the improvements necessary to hit the target! Thank you for your review and we look forward to your continued flames, uh, feedback. :2thumbsup:

MetalCloak Engineer

RARECJ8 10-23-2009 11:01 PM

awesome post and its cool to see ur open to suggestions. I like hood hoops to protect the radiator and stingers are ugly and to be effective, neet to be really big as well. What does a smaller hoop accomplish other than to possibly protect the winch? Only other thing i can see is with the front hoops, will there be any interference with the winch-line under a hard side pull? Looks like the D-rings up front will serve well, but that hi-lift is maxed out with no travel!

As a shade tree fabricator and always a student of new designs, ideas, etc., you're doing great.

Keep up the fine efforts.


Douglas S. 10-23-2009 11:11 PM

Wow, huge improvement.

I really like the new setup.

fishinjeeper 10-23-2009 11:26 PM

looks great. i might have to invest!

Jtrux 10-23-2009 11:27 PM

Very impressive and innovative. I think it's awesome to have soo many options that will allow each customer to feel as if they are getting their own custom bumper.

Awesome work.

lumpster 10-23-2009 11:28 PM

Much better, for some reason when i go to build "my" bumper it wont let me pic the default options from the drop down menus.

ace2001 10-23-2009 11:34 PM

Man, something about that Ace build!! I love it!!

Kenbo-Slice 10-23-2009 11:48 PM

Glad to see you guys took the "flaming" and put it to use! The new concept is MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better. Some things I like, some I don't. All in all I think you have a good thing going guys, keep it up!

Metalcloak 10-23-2009 11:49 PM


Originally Posted by lumpster (Post 8160763)
Much better, for some reason when i go to build "my" bumper it wont let me pic the default options from the drop down menus.

Thanks for the heads up! The form should be working now. :2thumbsup:

MetalCloak: Build Your Own Bumper!

Bojeepus 10-24-2009 12:14 AM

:welder:Yes you may have another?!!!!

RVA_TJ06 10-24-2009 12:33 AM

Much much better... the old one.. fell short of the great products you already produce.

waterboarder 10-24-2009 02:09 AM

I appreciate the sense of humour in your post (:

I KINDA liked the "forward facing" hoops - unique, different, etc. I'd probably like them a little different - but I like the general concept.

For me, price isn't an issue - if I want something bad enough, I'll buy it.

What I really DO NOT like is the whole "modular" concept. It's a bumper, not a underwater habitat. I don't like the idea idea of a "bolt together" bumper. I want it welded tight and secure. Your animated graphic in the OP demonstrates what I really do not like about this idea. I can understand (or at least guess) what you're trying to accomplish here - but even if there were a "modular configuration" that I liked with your bumper, I would still take a pass and buy something welded together (such as the AEV bumper on my JK).

Also, any product that has laser-cut logos in it is instantly downgraded as a potential purchase for me. I'm not saying I will not still buy it, potentially, but such a logo will definitely cause me to look around and see what else I can buy, even if I otherwise really like the product. For as much as this stuff costs, I do not expect to be forced into advertising for whomever makes it (plus I think it just looks lame/ugly). With a sticker or decal or whatever, at least I have the option of peeling it off.

Good luck!

RicanLJ 10-24-2009 06:25 AM


Originally Posted by waterboarder (Post 8161057)
Also, any product that has laser-cut logos in it is instantly downgraded as a potential purchase for me. I'm not saying I will not still buy it, potentially, but such a logo will definitely cause me to look around and see what else I can buy, even if I otherwise really like the product.

I agree:thumbsup: laser cut logos should be an option:)

UltimateCC 10-24-2009 07:10 AM

Might be ordering one of these too when I finally get the LJ this coming week

tjsahara1979 10-24-2009 08:49 AM

Excellent post. It's nice to know you guys didn't take offense and in fact, used it to improve your products.

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