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jeepnmad198 05-06-2001 06:15 PM

Rear mounted tow hooks
I have a 95 YJ and I was looking into going to some events this summer but to enter you need tow hooks front and rear, Where do you mount them in the rear. I don't see a good place for them. Thanks for all the help.

FLHT_FXRS_YJ 05-06-2001 09:11 PM

Get a rear bumper with tow points like this one from Tomken

jeepnmad198 05-07-2001 01:23 AM

That would not be a problem if I had $200 just laying around... but that is not the case.

horatio102 05-07-2001 04:27 AM

If you've got a 2" receiver hitch you can get a $20 shackle for it. Warn makes them... big ring on a 2" post. That'll qualify as your rear tow point.

NaeKid 05-15-2001 10:59 PM

What a member of our club did was pull off the bumperettes, and mount a 3ton clevis holder to a 1/4" plate of steel .. and mount back into the holes again .. did it to both sides .. cost was the clevis ($10 each), the 3ton holders ($35 each), and the steel plates .. a bit of time .. and new bolts. Looks good .. and extremely strong!

gotjeep 05-16-2001 03:50 PM

Some TJ's come from the factory with a frame mounted rear tow hook. Just a couple of holes to drill.
Those can't be more than $30.

gotjeep 05-16-2001 04:19 PM

Found two pictures.

Good Luck!

keithTJ 06-13-2001 01:11 PM

I drilled holes in my TJ rear bumper, then placed the tow hooks on the bumper. I drilled the holes for the hooks a couple of inches a way from the bolts mounting the bumper to the frame. Make sure the tow hooks are inside of the bolts mounting the bumper to the frame. I was told that was the strongest part of the bumper. It has worked for me numerous times.

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