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Big92Jeep 10-29-2001 01:51 PM

"Posi" carrier vs "Open" in Dana 35?
Any one running a posi rear-end in a Dana 35? I met a guy this weekend that was running 4:10 with a posi carrier in the rear and he loves it. He led me to believe that it was easier on the weak D35 axel by distributing the torque between both rear axels/ wheels. Almost makes sense?

I have been considering rear gearing the wife’s jeep. May try the posi rear? Just looking for input if anyone out there is running a posi rear or has experience with it & the Dana 35.

Thanks for your time,

Kev 10-29-2001 02:39 PM

My '92 YJ has the factory Dana 35C - Limited Slip with 3.07 gears (yuk!) and I love it, I've been offroading since I turned 16 and now I don't know how I ever survived without a posi.

As for an aftermarket carrier, and less stress on the axle I really don't know, but if you do any sort of offroading or if you get snow, I would recommend it.

I think "Jeep Chic" recently put a Powertrax in her rear end (no pun), maybe you can get more info from her.

osburn 10-29-2001 06:29 PM

If you already have the "posi" or limited slip from the factory, fine. I'd say run with it. But by no means is it a locker nor does it work as well as a locker. You'll never pass tech on a "locker required" run with a limited slip. You're not going to save money by installing a limited slip, so I just don't see any reason not to put a real locker in there if you're spending the dough anyway. Well, excluding someone who doesn't want to take a chance in the snow. I've heard horror stories about driving with lockers in the snow. But I've also heard from a lot of experienced Jeepers that they just learned how to drive differently in the snow. Me, I'll take my ARBs thank you very much. But a limited slip might be the better route if you don't want to adjust to the locker in the snow. You should also know limited slips need maintenance or they sorta, go away with time. The clutch packs wear and eventually you might as well be open.

Big92Jeep 10-29-2001 06:51 PM

No snow here in Florida, just lot's of sand.

kdhutton 11-01-2001 03:09 PM

I have the factory trac lok in my 99TJ w/D35
it has done a really good job. .but it does have its limitations (pardon the pun) if you ever completely lift a wheel then it doesn't work all that well been stuck with it once that way. . .other than that have done some pretty wild trails with no problems. . .its street manners are great . . .if you can afford it I would put in an OX or ARB if not then Detroit or powertrax. .however the front is a different story as in a TJ it turns all the time so definetly an ARB or OX
I do think a Trac loc is easier on any axle and will help your d35 go longer. . .but I have talked to guys who have run detroits and 35s with a D35 and no problem. . .my theory don't fix it till its broken

buck 11-13-2001 08:00 AM

The repair shops around Moab love the D35's,
and the 35 build up kits. They say they're keepin 'em in business. Don't run anything over 33's and watch the go pedal is what I hear. You can snap axles easier with a locker than without. Differentials transfer traction to the non-traction tire, that's why your tire spins in mud & snow. The tire with traction sits while the non-traction tire spins. With a locker any pressure from traction will not transfer the load to the non-traction tire. So at any given time the entire load can go to one axle as it's got all the traction. Rather than build up a unit that's too weak and then replace it, consider replacing the unit and then build it up. It comes down to what kind of offroading you do. And how fond you are of the right pedal.
You'll like what your jeep can do with a locker, but you'll forfeit road manners.

4 wheelin, jeepin, offroadin, rockcrawlin, and a little wrench bendin :D

eltj 11-18-2001 03:24 PM

If your willing to spend the money on a posi than you should consider the No Slip locker. You will be much happier with it and when you get in that tough spot on the trail where there is little traction the locker will perform much beter than a posi.
Most posi units dont bite enough and will leave the tire thats stuck in the air spinnig all by itself. On the plus side they work great when going in a strait line but you dont drive a sports car.

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